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World Travel Adapter with 1 USB Charger
Model No.: ZC-TA148U

Brief description:
1. Converts UK/US/AU/EU Plugs,with universal socket for use in more than 175 countries. Plus it comes with a USB charger.
2. Suitable for the following products: MP3 Player, digital camera, PDA, mobile phone, etc.
3. A built-in safety fuse to protect against electric shock.

Valid Color:
* White, Black
* OEM Pantone Color Match (MOQ: 1000PCS)

Arts and Crafts :
* Printing customer's logo

* Material: High-gloss Plastic New PC with fire prevention material.
* Input Voltage: 100VAC-250VAC 6A
* USB output: 5V ,1000MA
* Dimensions: 60x44x55mm
* Weight: 125g

* Don't use in humid place
* Can only be used indoors
* Put the adapter beyond children's reach
* Voltage can not be changed
* Only one plug is allowed to be used each time; don't use several plugs at the same time.

* Ex-factory Package: White Box
* Units per Carton: 100pcs
* Carton size: 34x27x26cm
* N.W./CTN: 13.00Kg
* G.W./CTN: 14.00Kg
* Besides white box package, we also provide gift bag and gift box, but they are with extra charge.

* All spec are subjected to change without prior notice

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