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World Travel Adapter
Model No.: ZC-TA006

Brief description:
1. Converts UK/US/AU/EU Plugs,with universal socket for use in more than 150 countries.
2. Press button to slide out the appropriate plug for instant power or to charge your device.
3. It's Compact, self-contained unit eliminates the tangle of regular adapters for exceptional ease-of-use. Safety release button and built-in fuse ensure safe operation every time.

Valid Color:
* White, Black
* OEM Pantone Color Match (MOQ: 1000PCS)

Arts and Crafts :
* Printing customer's logo

* Material: High-gloss Plastic New PC with fire prevention material.
* Input Voltage: 100VAC-250VAC 10A.
* Dimensions: 40x50x66mm
* Weight: 75g

* Don't use in humid place
* Can only be used indoors
* Put the adapter beyond children's reach
* Voltage can not be changed
* Only one plug is allowed to be used each time; don't use several plugs at the same time.

* Ex-factory Package: White Box
* Units per Carton: 100pcs
* Carton size: 39*39*34cm
* N.W./CTN: 8.50Kg
* G.W./CTN: 9.50Kg
* Besides white box package, we also provide gift bag and gift box, but they are with extra charge.

* All spec are subjected to change without prior notice

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